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Coco Caravan Cacao 

This chocolate is vegan, organic, fair traded and free from refined sugars and additives.


Sage Smudge

Offers a purification effect with cleansing and healing benefits. A ritualistic ingredient used by Native Americans. Handcrafted bundle with wrap and feathers to match the theme of your box.


Beeswax candle & matches

Pure natural burning candle which is safe, environmentally friendly and non toxic. Will offer a clean burn with little smoke.


Bespoke handpainted card (message by request)

Personalise your box for a loved one, let us know if you would like a particular colour or theme and we will handpaint this for your box! The perfect sprinkle of extra magic!


Orders within 10 mile radius of Stroud can be personally delivered upon request.

Love Blessing Ritual Box

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