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We founded RE-TREAT.ME WELLNESS with one goal in mind: to design and facilitate creative and magical events for our guests. To follow the moon cycles and be in rhythm with the seasons to influence and inspire our offerings for you.

Let your creativity flow from within

Sophie Rose trained as an illustrator and loves to weave creative practice into her spiritual life... she uses art as a channel to release emotion and as a celebration of life! Sophie also enjoys facilitating guided journaling and meditation sessions, both things have had a hugely positive impact on her own mental wellbeing and she loves to be able to share this with others. 

Sophie Rose Martin

Co-Founder, Facilitator & Artist 

Creating a Community for all 

Jesse trained with True North Vinyasa in 2019 where her love for dance, creative movement and yoga was bound together to create the style of teaching she offers today. During the pandemic she discovered a love for somatic movement to explore how the body holds onto trauma and tension. She is currently training with Charlotte Watts Health to complete her 70 hr somatic yoga for teachers course.


She loves to choreograph sequences that take you on an exploratory and playful journey to allow you to come back to self. A fusion of fun, harmony and peace in one experience! 

One of her favourite quotes is 'breath leads, body follows, mind observes' I use this in many of my classes as it applies to so much of what I do and believe in.

Jesse also runs a holistic business coaching services called designed to see - if you are interested to find out more let's chat!

Jesse Laila Banovic

Co-Founder, Facilitator & Yoga Teacher

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