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Jesse brings a sense of fun, harmony and peace into all of her offerings. Her training includes Ashtanga with Brian Cooper, Vinyasa Flow with True North Vinyasa. She is accredited by Yoga Alliance and is currenly training with  Charlotte Watts studying Somatics for Yoga Teachers.

Welcome to all (children under 16 to be supervised by an adult) 

styles of classes

Amber, London


"Somatic yoga with Jesse was a nourishing relaxation-come-therapy

experience. I had never tried somatic anything before, but even within the first session I felt more soothed then I ever had from a standard yoga session. Jesse tailored every minute of each session to my needs and

helped me to connect back with my body, mind and spirit in a way that was truly transformative".

Tania, Nailsworth

"Jesse is a rare find - a truly intuitive yoga teacher who finds the perfect balance between inviting an intention for the group and allowing you to follow your own instincts as to what you need to get from the session. We are very lucky to have her in Nailsworth".

Julie, Nailsworth

"I love Jesse's class. It begins with cardio exercise set to dance music, which is great fun and really gets your heart going. Jesse then gradually slows it down by offering a series of strengthening yoga poses and finally plenty of stretching. The weekly practice has gradually built up my fitness and stamina without jarring or injury (important for older joints!). The class leaves me feeling energised and good all over; I really look forward to it every week".
"Breath Leads, Body Follows, Mind Observes"

One of Jesse's most frequently used sayings, she loves this one because it is so simple and true to what she teaches.

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